Williams entered the College in September 1936. He was in Hyde Games House and Scout Troop and gained his Oxford School Certificate in July 1940, and the Higher School Certificate in July 1942. He was appointed a prefect in 1941.
On leaving the School in April 1943, Williams enlisted in the Royal Air Force and was accepted for a University Short Course and entered Durham University. On leaving Durham he went to Canada for training where he gained his Pilot’s “wings”. On returning to this country he transferred to the Fleet Air Arm and was commissioned
as a Sub-Lieutenant.

On 29th April 1946 he was engaged on a routine flight in a fighter aircraft and when approaching the coast on the return journey in bad visability he struck the mast of a fishing vessel and crashed into the sea.

To his mother and younger brother we express our deepest sympathy and deplore the passing of a young life at the outset of a promising career.

(Extract from The Sower December 1946)