In Memoriam

The Sternians’ Association and everyone at Lord Wandsworth College would like to extend its heartfelt condolences to all the families and friends of the Sternians listed below. 

Some families have kindly sent obituaries and photographs which are lovely to read.  Please click on the names highlighted in red below to read more. 

Record of Notified Deceased Members 2022

Record of Notified Deceased Members 2021

Listed with most recent first

Della Boyd ZA95 (11th November 2021, aged 94)

Ian Morton 0827 (November 2021, aged 84)

Sebastian Shaw (October 2021, aged 39)

Peter C. T. Davies 320

John Rayner 0484 

Emily Travis (28 July 2021, aged 45) 

David Minnikin 0910 (20 July 2021, aged 81)  

William Livingstone A036 (13 July 2021, aged 78) 

Colin Perkin A188 (22 June 2021, aged 75) 

Thomas Copas 0940 (2 June 2021, aged 82) 

Randolph Jenkin A264(10th May 2021, aged 75) 

Peter Harris (April 2021)

Albert Gardiner 0224 (7th April 2021, aged 99) 

William Alan Barry Dance A322 (22nd March 2021, aged 74) 

Frank Luscombe 0253 (March 2021, aged 100)

Jeremy (Jerry) Pope A301 (January 2021, aged 73)

Robin Thompson 0779 (26th January 2021, aged 85) 

Kenneth Morton, Junior House Caretaker 1964-2002 (12th January 2021) 

Full Record of Notified Deceased Members

To view the full record of notified deceased members please click here.

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