Sternians Trust Fund

Registered Charity no: 1052004

“The finest gift is education.”

The Sternians Trust Fund exists to try to ensure that those who begin their education at Lord Wandsworth College do not have that gift taken away from them through adversity. Over the years the Trust Fund has supported girls and boys whose parents have been taken ill, lost their jobs or whose businesses have crashed – all difficult and unforeseen events – which made it impossible for parents to meet the fees.



Each year there are a number of pupils whose continued presence at the College has been made possible by the Trust Fund. Those supported in previous years have richly repaid the faith put in them – they have matured and flourished at the College in their final years.



The Trust Fund was established in its present form in 1961 and has been built up through donations, bequests, covenants/gift aid and fundraising efforts. As school fees inevitably rise, there are increasing demands on the income from the Fund, which is the source of support for pupils.  By growing the Fund’s capital, the income can be increased to keep pace with requests for assistance.

Here are some words from Parents whose sons/daughters have benefitted from the Trust:

“…. we cannot describe what the Sternians Trust Fund has done for our family because the feelings and emotions run too deep…”

“…we cannot thank the Sternians fund enough for allowing our son to be able to continue this wonderful education…”

You can download the Trust Fund Form and Send to us. Click Here to Download in Adobe Acrobat Format If you would like to help in any way, please write to Peter German at Lord Wandsworth College, Long Sutton, Hook, Hants RG29 1TB) or E-mail

Chairman: Paul Richings

Hon Secretary: James Brewin

Trustees: Shelley Lawson, Teresa Armstrong, Richard Janaway, Richard Saunders

Hon Treasurer: Ben Forman

Independent Examiner: Christian Bellairs