November 2018

Looking back over the last year, the weather yet again had the biggest influence on how the Farm has performed. Spring was especially late in coming following the “Beast from the East” which lead to unexpected work clearing snow for the County Council. It also meant that the spring crops were planted a month later than planned. The longed for dry spell of weather... read more >

October 2017

In the past it has been commented on that the Farm News tends to subject primarily on the weather. Not being one to disappoint, yet again, I will take this opportunity to comment (or moan) about the weather. Generally, the weather for farmers in 2017 has been somewhat dire.  It all started off well in the autumn of 2016. Crops were planted in good conditions and establishment... read more >

September 2016

It has been a busy few weeks for the Farm during the summer holidays. Harvest started on 26th July this year and is still to be finished with a small amount of linseed still to combine. Hopefully the weather forecast is correct and we should be finished by the middle of next week. Generally this year’s harvest has been one of mixed results. Concerns earlier in the year... read more >

June 2016

It has been a while since I last updated everyone on how the Farm is progressing and what we’ve been up to. As always, the weather has played a large part in how the crops have grown and developed over the last few months. The mild, wet winter has had a detrimental effect on the autumn sown crops. The cereals (wheat and barley) have suffered with a disease called BYDV... read more >