Q. How can I buy membership of the Sternians?

A. You no longer need to pay for membership. Since September 2006 all ex-pupils of LWC and Gosden School have automatically become members of The Sternians’ Association. This not only applies to recent school leavers, but to all those who left in the past. The College now finances The Sternians’ Association.

Q. Didn’t I used to have to log on to this web site with a password and e-mail address?

A. Yes until January 2008 this was the case. However all ex-pupils are now automatically members of Association and thus a membership check is no longer needed.

Q. I didn’t receive the recent issue of The Sternian, Link or an invite to the Long Sutton reunion. Why?

A. These are now sent out to all known postal addresses so you should check we have your latest address. If your address is incorrect or missing then contact sternians@lordwandsworth.org to inform us if you have not received anything.

Q. What’s happened to the Photoboard?

A. Until February 2008 a Photoboard holding 4,500+ photos was accessible on the Sternians web site. At that time a switch was made to a new ISP. Though it was expected the Photoboard would continue with the new ISP there were technical problems preventing this happening. we are experimenting with loading up photographs on flickr as these are readily accessible and can easily be grouped and labelled.

Q. I would like to come back to school to have a look around, are there any particular restrictions on me etc?

A. No, not at all. All Sternians are most welcome at College at any time. Just send an e-mail to Gill Kelly (sternians@lordwandsworth.org) or phone 01256 860356 to let her know you will be around and arrange a tour if you would like. You are advised to visit during term times when there is more activity and please be aware that all visitors need to be logged in at reception, wear the badge provided and be accompanied by a staff member at all times whilst on site.

Q. What is the date of the Reunion 2019?

A. Saturday 15th June 2019

Q. I would like to attend a reunion. How can I find out about a suitable one coming up?

A. The best place to look for forthcoming events is on the Calendar link or on the Home page. Every known address is sent details of the annual reunion but the others are aimed at particular years or geographical areas and invites are sent out on a selective basis. In particular if your year is approaching an anniversary (eg 20 years since you left) then it is possible someone is arranging something. If not why not you..

Didn’t answer your question?

E-mail us at: sternians@lordwandsworth.org and we will endeavour to do so.