A Year in the life of LWC

How hard it is to put into a few short words the past year at Lord Wandsworth College. Although still only two terms through, so much has happened that without doubt it is the most eventful in my seven years at the College. Sport is always a good place to start and although the 1st rugby and hockey teams did not have exceptional seasons the year in sport was notable for other reasons. The U16A rugby side got a mention in Rugby World after an unbeaten season and this highlights the significant potential in middle school rugby. 2002 also saw the return of the 3rd XV rugby team, after a five-year absence, highlighting the strength in depth of College rugby. The 1st XV are also touring Namibia and Cape Town this summer, in what promises to be one of the most interesting tours in the schools history. Away from rugby, girl’s sport continues to flourish as the numbers of girls increase throughout the school. The 1st netball had an excellent season following the first girls tour to Barbados last year, and younger teams continue to have significant success. Football continues to grow within the school and this year the 1st team had a record number of fixtures and remained

However, this year has been memorable for far more than sporting success, illustrating the diverse school that LWC has become. Music and Drama both blossomed in the new surroundings provided by the Music and Drama centre. Concerts now occur on a weekly basis and record numbers of pupils take regular music lessons. In Drama several performances of very high quality have taken place this year culminating in a particularly good interpretation of Macbeth.

This year has also seen a massive boost in the popularity of the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme at all levels throughout the college; this was epitomised by the highest ever number of pupils involved in Gold expeditions in the Lake District last
summer. This year has also seen a revolutionary change in the way Prideaux society has been run, interest has increased; wine tasting and a BBC2 style Question Time have been the highlights.

Despite the creation of the new Music and Drama centre, investment in updating the schools facilities has continued impressively. Hazelveare and Summerfield have got some long overdue new bathrooms and School house has also been modernised somewhat. This year has also seen Haygate turned into a new girls house and a
large extension is under construction.

After seven years at LWC much has changed in all areas of school life, this year has been no different and I’m sure next year will be the same. Fortunately this change is for the better and consequently Lord Wandsworth College continues to improve day by day. However, there is some continuity in the school, some things that epitomise the College and its character. The continued success of the foundation within the school is certainly an enduring factor as pupils continue to flourish under its generosity, but also the rivalry between houses and the unique kind of friendships that are developed in the LWC environment. And despite all the change mentioned, as I sit here writing this, with sun beaming in through the window, pupils lazing in the heat outside, the cries of the juniors midway through a game of puddex, a game of tennis watched eagerly by a small crowd and the first signs of oil seed rape in the farmers’ fields….some things never change!

James Conrad UVI
Sutton House