Sternians’ Hockey 2017

Despite cold, heavy rain on the first Sunday of term, some 30 Sternians turned out to contest the annual hockey tournament against the 1st XIs.  On what was definitely a head back under the duvet day, the stoicism and competitive spirit of our Sternians and pupils shone through.  With some former hockey captains in the Sternian Ladies team, they were a strong side but LWC... read more >

Sternians’ Hockey 2016

Thanks must go to Kat Luckraft for arranging the Sternians ladies team to challenge the current school team this year. In a closely fought contest we were able to appreciate the quality of those who have left over the past several years. From recently departed players like Ellie Tresise, Hannah Alton and Carys Martin, we were delighted also to see the Mann sisters and Helena... read more >