Sternians Hockey 2018

A chilly but bright morning welcomed the Sternian teams onto the astro for the annual matches to see whether the College 1st XI or the Sternians’ team would get their names on the trophy.  Hard fought contests both but LWC were triumphant in both matches for the first time in several years.  Our thanks to all who played and to the LWC girls who helped out a depleted Sternian Ladies’ team.

Ladies l to r:  Standing Amelia C, Lali A, Alex Taylor (2017 Park), Martha Bilsland (Gosden 2016), Sammy Powell (2019 Gosden), Sophia Brockmann-Smith (2016 Park)Kneeling Dani Baker (2016 Gosden), Minnie A, Lottie Sene (2016 Park), Amelia Gullett (2017 Gosden), Fran Sene (Gosden 2016)

Men l to r: Standing Laurie MacVean (2014 Hazelveare), Jamie Dunkley (2009 Sutton), Ryan Wilks (2009 Hazelveare), Ben Holden (2009 Hazelveare), Mike Salmon (2008 Summerfield), Jack Dainton (2017 Sutton), James Jeram (2009 Summerfield), Richard Kiddle (2009 Summerfield), Alex Richards (2009 Sutton), Calum Dougal (2011 Summerfield), Jack Clay (2009 Summerfield), Charles Marshall-Stochmal (2016 School), George Walker (2017 Hazelveare), Simon Culmer (2016 Hazelveare)

Kneeling James Hampson (2014 School), Ross Holmes (2010 Sutton), Olli Derham (2013 Sutton), Toby Salmon (2014 Sutton), Michael Radmann (2015 Sutton), Nicholas Scott (2012 Hazelveare) Josh Steel (2016 Summerfield)

Ladies teams

Mens teams cropped for Sternians

Mens teams cropped for Sternians.jpg 2