Officers of the Association


Peter Booth


John Bacon

The Sternians Trust Fund Trustees:


Paul Richings

Hon. Secretary

James Brewin


Richard Janaway

Dudley Lewis

Richard Saunders

Teresa Armstrong

Edward Walker


Hon. Treasurer

Ben Forman

Independent Examiner

Christian Bellairs

Sternians Sport College Liaison Officers:


Edward Walker – 01256 862201


David Beven – 01256 860237


Richard Kimber – 01256 86113


Edward Walker – 01256 862201

Honorary Members

(Current until membership is terminated by an AGM of the Association)

The Rev. Robin Craig

Martin Bunting

Guy Dodd

Guy Waller

Clive Hicks

Ray Hill

Mary Hicks

John Matson

Paul Davis

Mary Matson

Sheila Weston

Ossie Nelson

Chris Warren

Mike Reggler

Ian Power

Michael Woodhouse

Stewart Edwards

Fergus Livingstone

Lifetime Vice Presidents

Peter Booth

Alan Dyson

Charles Hallows

Ian Kerr

Tony Whibley

Tony Woolstone

Vice Presidents

(Elected for 3 years. Maximum 12, of whom 3 to retire/be re-elected at each AGM)

Elected June 2017

Richard Janaway (June 2020)

Elected June 2016

Richard Kimber (June 2019)

Elected June 2015

David Machin (June 2018)

Eduard Coetzer (June 2018)

Soma Singh (June 2015)




Former Officers of the Association

Past Presidents

1935-1942 Sir Daniel Hall KCB FRS LLD

1950-1958 Sir William Gavin Kt CBE MA

1958-1961 Robert J Stopford Esq CMG MA

1961-1964 The Hon Carol Fellowes TD

1965-2014 Sir Humphrey Prideaux OBE DL

Past Chairmen

1935-45 Julyan W L Lt Col

1950-58 Cartwright A E

1958-60 Valentine W N

1961-62 Petrie S E

1962-63 Webb A L

1963-65 Podger F H C

1965-67 Taylor N C

1967-69 Jones P J

1969-71 Bryant G K

1971-73 Newman D C

1973-76 Gillibrand P N

1976-79 Butler C

1979-81 Lawrence C

1981-83 Ragbourne D W

1983-85 Clarson R J

1985-89 Everall P L

1989-92 Lewis D W P

1992-95 Barnes G E

1995-97 Edwards S D

1997-2000 Crosson Smith S

2000-03 Barber H C

2003-06 Ellis I D J

2006-09 Clements S A

2009-12 Datta C

2012-13 Huffam C W

2014-17 Gibbs C


The Sternians Mountaineering Club Officers:


Hugh Podger


Gordon Pitt

Hon. Secretary

Peter Everall

Hon. Treasurer

David Minnikin

Meet Secretary

Charles Lawrence