Sternians in the North


We have many Sternians who live in the more Northern areas of the UK and we are mindful that it is not so easy for you to visit LWC or come to reunions in the South.  Are there any of you interested in attending a reunion further north and, if so, any thoughts as to where?  York, Leeds, Manchester?  All ideas welcome

Sternian Reunion


 The Sternian Reunion at LWC will take place on Saturday, 10th June 2017.  Come on years ending with a ‘7’.  You have an important reunion coming up! Tickets are available here


London Drinks


A London Drinks event has been organized at All Bar One, Leicester Square for Thursday, 8th June from 6pm.  All welcome

Careers 2017

Dan Primrose

Katie Daughters



We had a great LWC and Sternian Careers Fair on Tuesday, 21st March 2017.

This is a great event, staffed by current parents and Sternians, and has become a firm fixture in the College calendar.  The pupils really appreciate your time and expertise.  Sharing your experiences of work and school is a great motivator.

Some 400 pupils attended the fair, asking questions of Roy Allaway (1989 Haz), Tony Avis (1970 Sum), John Bacon (1970 Sutton), Bruce Buckland (2008 Sum), Katie Daughters (2009 Haygate), Emma Denly (2009 Park), Kit Ellen (2005 Sutton), Kate Eyre (2004 Park), Liz Gaze (1994 Gosden), David Gibson (1992 Sutton), Andy Harrison (1993 Sutton), James Hume (1968 School), Patrick McMaster (1990 Sutton), Alan McQueen (1975 School), Ben Poulsom (2013 Sum), Dan Primrose (1988 School), Paul Richings (1990 School), George Sandford (2010 Sutton), Oliver Sayers (2015 Sum), Mark Semple (1992 Haz), Chris Winter (1960 School) and Scott Wright (1991 Haz).  Our sincere thanks to them

Bournemouth Reunion

Group compressed

The Bournemouth Reunion will take place on Thursday, 27th April 2017 at the Toby Carvery in Bournemouth.  Contact Bob Hunt on 01329 662125 or at for more information